Wireless Tech and the Energy Harvesting Conundrum

The changes in the wireless world are driven by increased technological capabilities and the need to “connect” more and more of our stuff in the ongoing quest to improve processes, increase uptime and efficiency, and meet ever growing compliance requirements. We’ve progressed beyond asking, “Will wireless work?” The question has now become, “Which wireless tech should I use?” A number of truly rugged and reliable wireless technologies have become available, and there are a lot of applications that can put these technologies to good use.

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IoT Tech: The Universal Translator for the Industrial Tower of Babel

Nobody can afford to re-engineer their existing processes and machines every time they want to extract data up to some common application platform. It’s not just the money. Re-engineering means you’re mucking around with the systems that are paying your bills, covering your payroll, and producing your profit. No matter how careful you are, when you re-engineer your systems you’re going to break a few. There will be quality problems, interruptions, and downtime. Re-engineering existing systems to perform new tricks isn’t the answer.

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Respect Your Elders — Even If They’re Machines

Even as we make the transition to the new IoT tech and all of its exciting possibilities, there will still be millions of pieces of pre-Kevin, pre-TCP, pre-IoT equipment chugging away all over the planet. They’re still doing their jobs; they’re still valuable, and they are still worthy of respect. You don’t have to send them off into retirement. All you have to is connect them to our modern networks.

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IoT on the Beach

Every company will migrate to industrial IoT at its own pace, deploying appropriate IoT technologies when they see opportunities to cut costs, increase efficiencies and improve processes. B+B SmartWorx can help.

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The Journey of 1000 Miles Begins With Locating Your Car Keys

Temporarily escaping another interminable Midwestern winter was a treat by itself, and the 2015 M2M Evolution conference in Miami was icing on the cake.  B+B SmartWorx, using our new company name and brand identity, had a large presence as a sponsor and an exhibitor, while also filling three speaking slots. ...

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Just a few years ago I gave a number of talks that analyzed ideas first put forward by Gordon E. Moore and Robert Metcalf, and I discussed what would happen when these ideas converged. Moore, a co-founder of Intel, observed that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively...

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